Jessica Romero Laramie Wyoming


I believe in movers + shakers, dreaming big and making waves


I am a brunch loving, creative introvert, living in Laramie, Wyoming. Most days you can find me surrounded by at least 3 days worth of coffee mugs, with my pup at my feet and 90's throwback jams on my Spotify. 

I am passionate about small business and the rockstars behind the scenes making big things happen. Years from now, when I win the lotto, I vow to spend every dollar with small businesses, creative entrepreneurs and makers, because I truly believe they are what make the world, and the communities we live in,  so freaking  great. Until that big check shows up on my porch, I am the cheerleader for the little guys working their butts off, solving problems, making unique things and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

When I started my first business, I thought that it was all about the big moments along the way - the Instagram followers, the magazine features, the air brushed head shots, rubbing elbows with the high dollar clients and getting the call from television producers.

While those things are certainly worth cheers-ing to, it's the partnership with likeminded creatives and the support of an industry that lifts each other up that makes my heart swell - the ability to contribute to a community, helping someone come closer to reaching their goals, working together as a team, offering support when it's needed and wine when it's time to celebrate. And you can always count on me for wine. 

Business Coach and Services - Jessica Romero


"We are so lucky to work with someone we holistically trust with to project our message and image to the world. Thank you for "getting us." Through your graphics, words, approach and ideas you have truly elevated who we are as an organization and made us stronger for it. "

- Trey Sherwood || Executive Director, Laramie Main Street Alliance


"My experience working with Jess has been one in a million. 

When I asked for her help with marketing, I knew I'd get an expert. I knew she'd take all my crazy ideas and tell me what to do with them. I knew I'd get action steps. 

What I didn't know was that I'd be getting so much more than I could have planned for -- a coach, a cheerleader, and a friend..."

- Rachel LeBeau || Founder of A Heart Led Life


"Working with Jessica is so great. I can explain a scatterbrained idea or my vision for my brand to her and she really gets it! She comes up with a plan and then gets $!@# done. It's really hard for me to let go of control when it comes to my small business, but I totally trust this gal..." 

Megan Johnson || Owner + Photographer, Megan Lee Photography