4 Steps to Finding Courage in Business

4 Steps to Finding Courage in Business

I recently met with a friend who felt like she was ready to tackle a dream of hers, but just couldn’t quite find the guts to pull the trigger.

It really got me thinking about what really holds us back in business. Often times we say we are caught up in the stress of the paperwork, the to-do lists and the decisions. What should my logo look like? Where should I host my website? I don’t know anything about accounting, so why should I dive into this?

But at the heart of it all is us: you and me. We are what hold ourselves back from pulling the trigger. We are afraid that we won’t succeed. Someone will laugh at us or call us out on not knowing what the hell we are doing. It will be mortifying and we will regret ever deciding to put ourselves out there like that.


Chances are you’re gonna make some mistakes. You will cry. It will be hard, but it will be worth it. When you dive in, commit yourself to a project that makes your heart go pitter-patter, even if you blow it, you’ll know you were strong enough to try. That’s the place where big things start. That moment you listen to your gut, ignore your racing mind, and freaking do it.

If you are dreaming of doing something - big or small - I hope you just do it. I can’t guarantee it will be easy or graceful or even turn out to be what you actually wanted, but I can guarantee that it will start you on the path to an authentic life you’ll be proud to live.

If you are still struggling to find the courage to tackle your next big project here my top 4 tips for setting the stage for your moment. 

1. Stop looking at everyone else

It is easy to look to others for inspiration and direction, but there comes a point where you become overwhelmed by information and let doubt slip in. "I can't ever be this good," you think - and you shouldn't! 

Set a timer for 1 hour and do research. Write notes of what you like, don't like, price points, whatever information it is you are looking for. Once the timer is up, you're done. Stop looking and start creating you're own vision. 

2. Tell the world what you're doing. 

Whether it's on your Facebook page, a call to your mom, coffee with your business bestie or an announcement on your newsletter, tell someone what you are doing. It is easy to plan behind the scenes and never pull the trigger, telling yourself you'll get to it eventually. (We all know you won't.) Sharing your plans will hold you accountable and help push you to get something out there. Even if it's just to give your mom something to brag about.

3. Find your tribe. 

Whether you're new to business or just diving in deeper, you know or will quickly learn that it's a different world out there. Typically the folks in your day-to-day life don't really get it. You find your friends don't want to sit around at happy hour and discuss website analytics and sales funnels even though it's all you can think about. They don't understand why you're so stressed about time and money and all the things you need to stay afloat. 

It can be incredibly helpful to find someone who gets it - who lives in this crazy world of business too. You can help inspire one-another, give advice and just commiserate with someone who is going through the motions just the same as you. 

Note: I am not telling you to ditch your friends. I am sure they are awesome.

4. Just do it, dangit.

Here's the thing...you're going to prolong the process by getting hung up on details, make up excuses when it comes time to pull the trigger and get really scared. Two things can happen. Either you let these things take over and you'll never do it. You'll think about it and how great it could be, but never really know. Is it safe? Yes. Is it exciting? Not at all. 

Or you can just do it. 

Will you be nervous? Scared? Feel like it could have been better? Yes. 

Will you learn something? Uh, yes. You will learn SO much. 

Will it feel awesome? Hell fricken yes. 

Get your ducks in a row, tell the world what you have up your sleeve, find someone to cheer you on and just freaking do it.