Know Your Heart (& a Little About Mine)

When I was a little girl I dreamt of being an author. I always felt like my mind was overgrown with feelings - emotions that I couldn't get out until I put pen to paper. As the years past I veered away from this dream after a hefty dose of reality. I learned that putting your heart into the world doesn't pay the bills, and adults have bills to pay. So I stopped.

I then bobbed around in the world from project to project never really showing that little girl in me who feels things so deeply and wishes for nothing more than to freely be. I wasn't  a victim, suffering every day, not in the slightest - I was just carving a new path. A path that led me into the thick of the forrest, far away from the view of that thing I could once see so clearly in myself. 

Then Rachel came along, and I learned I wasn't alone. Apparently she was on the same path with me the whole time, and I never would have known it if it weren't for one tiny moment - a moment where we let our guards down, took a chance and shared what it was that was really happening in our minds.

Then the dreams came rushing back. 

We realized that to be fulfilled and content in our lives, we needed to be real with ourselves. No more putting ourselves on the back-burner, no more idolizing women based on their Instagram profile, no more saying:

I can't. 

It won't work.

I'm too afraid. 

No more bullshit.

We had to look at ourselves and what we wanted to do and be and feel and experience every day, and then use our resources, our minds and each other to get there. 

Fast forward to today. After many long conversations, vulnerable moments, times of uncertainty, doubts and confusion, an endless passing of the torch as one of us felt too scared to move forward and the other told us to suck it up and do it anyways, lunch meetings where we held our breath and said, Is this really happening?, crashed websites and a whole lot of Mexican food - we are putting our hearts on the table in an even bigger way. 

We've come together to create coursework devoted to what we deemed to be so. damn. important: connecting with your heart. 

Today we launch our 50 page workbook filled with prompts to dive deep into your hopes and dreams, opportunities to reflect and analyze where you're at today and a place to start creating a life that makes you feel as amazing as you deserve to feel. 

This workbook will be used in an interactive 6-week online course + exclusive Facebook community where Rachel and I will walk with you through this process, sharing our hearts and encouraging you to be vulnerable and do the scary stuff, because with everything in us, we believe this is where the magic begins.

This project is unlike any work I've done in the past, yet feels like the most accurate portrayal of who I really am at my core. I am overjoyed to put this extension of my heart out into the world with Rachel and beside myself at the thought of helping women find a place in the world where they can live their purpose. 

I am going to leave you with some of the thoughts from one of the girls from the Heart Girls' Guide Facebook community who helped us revise this project along the way, partly because it makes me cry (in the good way) and partly because their words show that this thing that we've built together is needed. It is powerful. It is important, because you are important, you are deserving of joy, you are capable of moving forward with a life that leaves your heart on fire.

"...sitting there and allowing myself to actually think and write about what I want and who I am, not what someone else wants for me, has literally changed my life already. I realized I have been neglecting so much of me for years even when I thought I was pursuing my dreams and that's why I haven't achieved said dreams yet. "